Individual Counselling Services Lethbridge

Mental health is a state of coping, feeling good, and being in control of your emotions and your life. However, there are everyday challenges, unexpected changes, and hurdles in life which can impact your ability to cope in certain situations. Work and home environment, financial situation, and relationships all affect our mental health. To add to this, many people fear they will be rejected or judged if they seek help.  Although these feelings are common, covering up problems can make it difficult to live a full and healthy life. At Crossroads, our counsellors help clients learn to accept and understand their feelings.  This awareness can be the first step toward becoming renewed, healed, and transformed.

Children & Adolescent Counselling Services

There are few things more difficult for a parent than to watch their child struggle mentally or emotionally. Just like adults, children experience grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. Children can also be impacted by bullying, trauma, and academic struggles which can result in behavior changes and self-esteem issues.

At Crossroads, we understand that children need help too. Although children often struggle to talk about highly emotional topics, play therapy can help. With the help of a trained therapist, children can express themselves and their problems through play – a medium which is safe and familiar to them.

Teens can present unique parenting challenges. They can push the boundaries, fight for independence, and seem clingy all in the same day. Although some of these behaviours may be a normal part of growing up, things can escalate to a level that is unhealthy for both child and parent. We can help you and your teen develop boundaries, communicate effectively, and work through past issues.

Family Counselling Services

Family relationships are counted among the most precious but can cause the most frustration.  Losses, personality differences, and communication problems can affect the health of these valuable relationships.  Crossroads counsellors are trained to provide services that can help families with a range of relational and emotional challenges.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can help you create the relationship you are longing for.  Crossroads offers marriage and couples counselling to make sure that every couple has the tools to build an emotionally warm and supportive relationship.  Counselling can help couples with communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and relationship enrichment.

Marriage Preparations Counselling

We also offer premarital counselling for those who are just starting out.  Every couple wants to have a strong relationship and having the right skills is the key ingredient to building a relationship that will last.

Counselling in Lethbridge