"The opportunity to access financial subsidies for counselling was very important to me, and I feel made it possible for me to receive the level of service I did even though I am funded by Alberta Works. If the funding was not available, I would not have considered this an option for me at all. Being able to access the counsellors I did has been pivotal for me. I have been able to deal with severe anxiety issues. I always leave the office feeling better about myself, with coping skills that allow me to manage my mental illnesses on a daily basis. I am a more confident and capable adult at this time because of the therapies I have received through Family and Community Support Services subsidies. This is an incredible program. I hope it continues to grow and be accessible to those in the community who need it."

"The subsidy that I was helped with is a great blessing. If it were not for the subsidy, I would not have been able to afford counselling. Attending my counselling sessions has helped me out immensely and has already made certain areas in my life easier to deal with. Thank you for the support. Very important."

"When I moved here, the Mental Health Clinic couldn't fit me in, and neither could the Family Centre. Crossroads was able to see me right away, which helped a lot. I'm disabled and cannot work so the subsidy helped me afford this service."

"When looking into counselling as a low income family, finding someone who can help you, and be a good fit is often hard as they tend to come with a hefty price tag. I was able to find a counsellor who is a perfect for me. Helps me huge to be able to cope with stress without stressing over finances. Being able to attend at a reduced price has greatly increased my mental health. Thank you!!"

A lifesaver. I am "optimistic" that I won't return. There is support I can access next time I am having "issues".

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"In addition to feeling that I can trust the folks here, I also feel a great sense of safety, respect, and love."